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Simone e Simaria

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Simone e Simaria 

simone e simaria

Simone e Simaria are the dynamic singing duo from Brazil  Their music is amazing and they are stunningly beautiful inside and out.  They have over 7 million social followers on facebook and on their new youtube channel. They are a huge music sensation in Brazil and their fans follow them all over the world.

They are known as the “Irreverent Buddies” of the Brazilian music scene.  They both come from mountainous areas in Brazil, comparable to our version of the Boondocks.  They sell out concerts across stadiums and theaters throughout Brazil.

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Simone e Simaria hit it big at the national level in Brazil

They have tremendous respect for their fans, while sharing tremendous energy and a sexy irreverence on stage. Their unique song lyrics are really poems that pull at the hearts of their fans.  Simone e Simaria are true performers and act out the emotions tied to every song lyric.  Watch them live and you will soon understand why fans feel a huge range of emotions, from crying to laughing.  You will definitely break a sweat at every show and make tons of new friends. The fans share a huge love for the singing duo and for each other.  Each show delivers an unforgettable experience and you will dance your tail off.  

Their love for their fans exudes through their voices and animated performances

You can tell that Simone e Simaria share a tremendous passion for their art.  Their huge smiles and dynamic movements are contagious from beginning to end.  They have delivered hit after hit album every year and gain followers and fans daily.

These sisters are considered a true Brazilian phenomenon and they make their fans very proud to be products of Brazil. They have built a solid career  based on diligent, arduous, and intense work. Simaria started out her career at the age of 14 singing back-up for singer Frank Aguiar.  Later Simone joined her sister as they conquered Brazil together for 7 years with Frank Aguiar. Since their start in 2012, the sisters bet their career by branching out as independents.  Their bet worked out and they added a 3rd singer to their team

In love with singing from an early age, they were practically born to sing

Simone e Simaria began singing as children and participated in many shows in Uibai, where they were born. They also played neighbor cities in Bahia and Mato Grosso, where they moved together. When Simone was seven and Simaria was 9, the sisters began their professional singing career. They appeared in multiple shows and events in the city of Bahia. Four years later, Simone e Simaria moved to Sap Paolo with their mother.  Simaria started to perform in Fotto and met singer Frank Aguiar.  Shortly after, they began to work together and the rest became a part of Brazil’s history.

In time, they became huge hits on Social media and their songs and videos went hyper viral

Their emotion and passion is felt by fans everywhere, which led to unprecedented love and support. Simone e Simaria still choke up when they talk about those days where fans shows them so much love and tenderness to 2 young girls starting out their professional singing careers. They leveraged social media and their fans shared their content at a rapid pace. The video clip titled  “Quero quero / Want want” on YouTube and “Se eu fosse um garoto / If I was a kid” had millions of views. This viral social media buzz catapulted the Brazilian duo onto the national stage.  Due to their skyrocketing popularity, they were invited to participate on the hit show “Muito Mais da Band / Much More for the Band” and were interviewed by the famous Adriana Galisteu.

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They Launch their Independent Career with a New CD in 2012


p style=”text-align: center;”>To close out their year, they launch a new CD in 2012 filled with new songs that quickly became hits.  It was a critical decision that scaled their fame and popularity to the national level. 
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Prolific List of Hit Songs

  • Não Vou Mais Atrás De Você (Agora Eu Me Curei)
  • Bar Das Coleguinhas
  • Loka
  • Ta Tum Tum
  • Um Em Um Milhão
  • Reparação / Pássaro Noturno / Agora E Sempre
  • Paga De Solteiro Feliz
  • Fica
  • Esquema
  • Faxina
  • Status Que Eu Não Queria
  • Torcida
  • Duvido Você Não Tomar Uma
  • Mal Acostumada
  • Hasta La Vista
  • Espalhar Amor
  • Tá Na Mão De Deus
  • Paga De Solteiro Feliz
  • Eu Menti
  • Elas Em Evidências
  • Alô
  • Duvido Você Não Tomar Uma
  • Regime Fechado
  • Me Chama Outra
  • Embaçar O Vidro
  • Bem Longe De Mim
  • Eu Te
  • Só Dá Nós
  • São Tantas
  • Raspão
  • Meu Coração Surtou


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List of Hit Albums

126 Cabides

Agora É Que São Elas

As Balas Do Kikão

Bar Das Coleguinhas


Duvido Você Não Tomar Uma

Mal Acostumada


Paga De Solteiro Feliz



Simone & Simaria (Ao Vivo)

Um em Um Milaho

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Prolific Writing and SingingDuo — Brazilian Sensation

Click HERE for some of their digital songs


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