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Save $$$ on Budget Travel with Magazines and Youtube

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Save $$$ on Budget Travel with Magazines & Youtube

budget travel $$$ youtube

Subscribe to some of the travel magazines pictured below to get some great ideas for your next Budget Travel trip.  You can save big $$$ by reading articles in these Travel Magazines and by searching for $$$ on youtube.  People love to share the deals they find, so be sure to search ” $$$ youtube “ for great budget travel tips.


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Cut out the pictures and articles that you like and keep them in travel folders at home. Label one folder "Budget Travel Ideas" to keep articles you find about trip discounts.  Save pictures of the spots you want to visit, as well as fun things to do and see. As you build up your library of articles and pictures from travel magazines, start new folders that are more specific.  For example, create a folder just for budget travel beaches, and another for budget travel hotels.  Similarly, create other folders for budget travel flights, restaurants, rental cars, and excursions.  Even after you take your trip, these travel folders will come in handy for your friends and for future trip plans.

Create a Travel Vision Board

  travel vision board

Another way to prepare for a dream trip on a budget is to put together a Vision Board.  Paste beautiful pictures from travel magazines on the board and look to it for inspiration.  You should look at it before bedtime and again when you wake up.  See your dream budget travel trip and visualize yourself in all those awesome spots.  Visualize the trip and you can help make it a reality in your life.

Search "Travel for Less $$$ Youtube "

Almost all searches to travel for less ( $$$ Youtube )will inspire you to work harder to find more travel deals on youtube and google.  Travelers share videos of the locations they visit, along with views from their hotel rooms and cruise decks. Moreover, people like to share discount coupon codes and the URLs of sites they use to plan their own travels.  Also, search for related topics below:
  • car rentals
  • cheap and discount flights
  • cruise deals and last minute travel (Vacations-To-go is one of our favorites)
  • home rentals and condo rentals
  • hotel deals
  • affordable tours and excursions

Things to pack for your trip

Plan for what you will need during your trip.  It's much more cost-effective to buy things like sunscreen, swimsuits, and cereal at home, rather than pay marked up rates at the hotel gift shop. Don't forget to pack toiletries like shaving cream, soap,   The cost for a checked bag should still be less than purchasing these same items onsite.  many of us learned this the hard way at places like Atlantis in the Bahamas.  Gorgeous spot, but brutal on the pocketbook for those of us that do not put the extra preparation into trip planning.
Another tip an expert traveler once shared was to purchase cheap travel gifts at a local Costco or Walmart before the trip and store the items at home.  When you return from your trip, you can give out some of these gifts to friends and family.  You will save a lot compared to purchasing these same gifts overseas.  Also helps to prevent expensive impulse gift purchases on vacation.

Please share your own cheap travel tips in our comments section

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